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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jan 13, 2012

Indian Government To Block Google & Facebook

Indian Government has finally 'said it'. The government says that if the popular search engine 'Google' and social networking website 'Facebook' do not remove objectionable content from their databases, they will begin blocking access to the sites. The sad part is; with their control over the ISPs, they can actually direct them to block access to FB and the Big G. BSNL - probably the largest broadband provider in India is Government controlled and it won't be too difficult for the Indian government to ask private operators to ban the websites.

The bigger problem is that it's not at all easy for these websites to remove content from their databases. Government earlier proposed manual screening of the content 😛 but it's a joke. Justice Suraish Kait said that they will begin blocking the websites like in China.

The government has asked these giant websites to develop mechanisms to prevent uploading of objectionable content on their sites. But I wonder why. How can photos, profile updates, videos be banned?

What's your take?

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