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pushpa monisha
pushpa monisha • Feb 22, 2019

Improvements that can be made in an IOT based automatic irrigation system

Can you give any new ideas that can be included in our final year project, since there is no novelty in our project. It is an IOT based automatic irrigation control and decision support system. We have interfaced DHT11, soil moisture sensors and relay motor with R-Pi and used Ubidots cloud platform for monitoring and giving SMS alert.

How big is the area being irrigated? If large different parts may have different moisture content. The field can be divided into sectors, each one separately monitored.

 To minimize water consumption, one can adopt a distributed sprinkler irrigation delivery with metered output. There is no point in putting too much water, which will just percolate below root level. As soon as a sensor detects water shortage, a fixed dose of water  can be delivered to that sector.

pushpa monisha
pushpa monisha • Feb 22, 2019

Thank for your reply. But it is just a prototype, we are taking only the samples for analysis.   

Husam Mohammed
Husam Mohammed • Feb 22, 2019

Dear pushpa monisha

You can a multiple point to sens to soil moisture each connected to a separate WIFI and all are controlled using a master WIFI.

You can convert your system to a solar system using suitable equipments.

Actually, some of these ideas I included in my student FYP.


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