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I_am_Kunal :)
I_am_Kunal :) • Feb 1, 2012

IIT - JEE being scrapped since 2013 , your views.

Well , our ministry of HRD is surely ruffling a lot of feathers.

A common aptitude-cum-advanced knowledge test will replace the IIT Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) and the All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) in 2013. Test scores will have 60 per cent weight in deciding admissions; school board marks will have 40 per cent. Test and board scores will determine admissions to all centrally funded engineering institutions.
The common entrance exam, planned as a SAT-type test, is likely to be held online from 2014, and could be given twice a year, highly placed sources said. The paper test is likely to stay on until the online system stabilizes.
What are your views over this development ?

My view is that IIT -JEE is a world class exam and it really is useful when one has to select just 3-4 thousand candidates from a pool of 2 lac candidates. Furthermore , those who study for it for 2 years surely grow intellectually. Such a development does not occur in 12th board exams. Plus in a simple exam it is very difficult to pick out the really intelligent students. I had studied for IIT-JEE a few years ago , I of course didn't qualify but I really enjoyed those studies. Solving that really tough physics problem with all the pulleys and strings was one of the best adrenaline shots you could get.

Of course , out of the 2 lac students that sit for the exam more than 70% end up being disillusioned after preparation of two years. Some of them even realise that engineering isn't their cup of tea. For these people this move would be beneficial. As they would go for overall development in the form of Xiith board examinations. But my point is , an efficient system of finding talent which is suited for engineering innovations is lost now. Realistically speaking , a raw engineering student would in any ways never gain much from 12th boards as he/she would from IIT-JEE . What has happened is because over ambitious parents - whose children were really not cut out for the IITs - were really burdening their children . And they were showing no signs of realising their folly over the years.

It is not that IIT-JEE did not have any drawbacks. One of the major drawback was that even if you were aiming for a Comp Sci seat you had to study for Chemistry and Physics , whereas only Maths(that too a portion of it) is what a comp sci student needs to know at that point of his/her career. It is to be seen if the aptitude exam is any improvement in this aspect. But the chances are low that it will retain the toughness of IIT-JEE . And 40% 12th weightage in any case makes no sense.

And one of the reasons given for scrapping IIT-JEE is that it will keep a check on coaching classes. I predict this won't affect the coaching classes at all , they will simply shift gears and start teaching board exam syllabi. Plus , why is this change not being implemented since 2014 , what will the students do who are currently in 11th and have invested 6-7 months in IIT-JEE preparation already. In this respect the MHRD has acted in a cavalier fashion.
Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Feb 2, 2012
@Kunal: I agree with your views. They should implement that change only in 2014 if they are going ahead with it.
Anoop Kumar
Anoop Kumar • Feb 9, 2012
But that need a common board exams too.

I don't know difficulty level of other state boards but UP, Bihar boards are very tough and it is considered as if student scoring 70% in UP board then it is equivalent to 90% of CBSE.
In 2010, Xth result heighst score was 93% where as in CBSE each year heightest score is 99.95%+ .
Are they considering this point??

Yes, they want to demoralize coaching culture.
they need to add practical approch in school rather than just reading theories solving questions on paper.
How we do practicals , all we know.
Lab assistant circulates all equipments and teachers are there just to sign on practical copy.
Gurjap • Feb 9, 2012
A moronic move by the MHRD. Completely pointless to dismantle a system that's been working perfectly.... well, at least we are still getting the best minds into IITs, and exporting them away.
circularsquare • Feb 9, 2012
Online petition to save the JEE.
Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Feb 18, 2012
Online petition to save the JEE.
Thanks for sharing the link.

Came across something funny yet sad ->407417_259885324087314_253718134704033_588020_189098736_n

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