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Satish Rajbhar
Satish Rajbhar • May 6, 2016

I want to do something but actually i don't know how. I confuse and worry.

I m confused about my aim. while i think a lot. finaly it comes into my mind to startup but i haven't any knowledge about how start actually. From where i start about it. i m student of C S. I need motivation, inspiration , to stand. i feel like having nothing. U know my mind is trapped into negativity that from where i start working. I start work but there are huge resources to read about it. But it make complications. So show me a path on which i can work. U can show me about what i have to learn to startup. Like marketing, inspiration, law, how collect fund.
Have you looked at the nearly 50 pages in this forum?

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Satish Rajbhar
Satish Rajbhar • May 6, 2016
As i said i am confused what i have to read and what not. Search and read at google is like random order knowlege. I want the stating point, a clear way. I not sure that if i make you understood what i want to say. but thank you for your advice i m going to read this forum.
Satish, there has been a lot of discussion here at CE on startups and what it involves. There are many here, who have been there and can advise. Once you spend some time at the posts in the forum, you can better formulate your questions and get a more meaningful response from the CEans.
Satish Rajbhar
Satish Rajbhar • May 6, 2016
Thank you

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