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N SASIKUMAR • Nov 23, 2016

I quit my job. What to do next?

Dear sir
I was passed out in this year.I had worked for three months and then resigned because that job didn't give enough satisfaction.I am economically that much strong.But I am in ambiguity what to do...? what is your advice for next
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Nov 23, 2016
I'm curious to know that if you aren't financially strong; why did you quit your job? Did you not think what you'd be doing next?
[Prototype] • Nov 23, 2016
The very first rule while making a decision to leave a job is to either be ready with new job or be totally clear on what you're going to do (if you wanna pursue higher studies or entrepreneurship with exact realistic plans). Despite being financially strong (hoping you didn't missed typing a not), it was quite reckless to just leave a job. That's a huge mistake. Even if you're hell, you first find a heaven before leaving the hell because see around you, there will be many who'd kill to be in that job rather than sitting idle.

That said, you mentioned what you don't like however the bigger question here is, what would you like to do if not whatever you were dong? You never mentioned that. All you said that you left the job and what you should do? If you just ask what should you do, I'd say go become a pilot because that's what I would do. If you ask Kaustubh he may say something else. What I am trying to point out here is we'll tell you what we want to become. Do you want that for you to live someone else's dream or would you prefer to live your own?

So lets try again. In as much detail as possible, explain your situation.

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