08 Jul 2018

I am studying diploma finally i have project in this semester so please give ideas related to exhaust gas reuse in any vehicle.


08 Jul 2018

@Deepthi‍ - Have you come up with any ideas on how can exhaust gas be reused in any vehicle? 

Have you searched online for possible ways of doing it? That should be the first step. Let us know your findings so that we can take it forward from there.

Ankita Katdare

Ankita Katdare

Computer Science
08 Jul 2018

@Deepthi‍ Check if these research papers are of any help to you -

A Review on Waste Heat Recovery and Reused of Exhaust Gases from Diesel Engines


Research on the Reuse of Exhaust Energy Based on the Planetary Gears

Exhaust Gas Circulation presentation from IITK -


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