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Prabhu1985 • Sep 7, 2008

HT Cables Erection

Hello Dear all,

We are doing 400/220kV GIS Substation. Where we need to Connect the 220kV GIS and 315MVA Auto Transfomrer through 220kV HT Cable in Bus Duct. In between there were Two Road Crossings are Coming. Our Client was suggesting us to use Hume Pipe for Erection. Our Design Team informing us Hume Pipe wil generate Eddy Current Loss. So they are Preferring PVC Pipe. We were in bit confusion. We will be Greatful if anybody Could provide the solution for this.

RAVIII • Sep 29, 2008
Regarding the construction of your 220 kV GIS Cable for the two road crossings, first of all make proper Cemented trench for the cable and then lay the cables in triangular shape i.e. 2 below & 1 on their top.
This reduces the eddy current effects.

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