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Preeti Lolla
Preeti Lolla • Feb 7, 2012

How to tame the mouse cursor?

I wish to develop an application where in I enter a keyword, say Computer. What the application is required to do is open the browser, load, type the keyword (the search key), find the links of the results, go to each link, extract the logo and link address and map each of the result into an excel sheet/word document. I intend to use MS.NET with C# environment to accomplish this.
I need guidance as to how to tame the cursor so that the keyboard doesn't come into play and everything is automated.
K!r@nS!ngu • Feb 7, 2012
Good idea.... I guess, i can do this using Java. Let me try ....
gaurav.bhorkar • Feb 7, 2012
um. instead of taming the mouse cursor, you can do it like this:
  1. Create a WebRequest
  2. query google
  3. read the html returned by WebRequest (google will most probably return xhtml, so you can parse it using the xml dom)
  4. Extract links and store it into spreadsheet.
Instead of storing it into a spreadsheet, store the links into an xml file. And bingo! MS Excel can convert import an xml file into a spreadsheet.

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