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How to plug LEDs in a rubber extrusion?

Hello, everyone! I need to plug a lot of LEDs in a rubber extrusion and make them light in a determined direction.
So I have a number of questions about the best way of doing it. I'll be very grateful for your answers.

1. Should I make a garland first using heat shrink and then glue it to holes in the extrusion or integrate a wiring together with a connectors like BLS first and then use a special diod holders or may be there is a better way?
2. What is the best material for such extrusion? It must be strong enough to hold diodes safe under the human weigth, but allow to roll it up to a ring with diameter of approximately 5 meters without plastic deformations. Extrusion will have approximately 20x20 millimeters section size.
3. Can you give me any recommendations on the glue's type for glueing ribbon cable and a material of extrusion from question 2.
How about using some commercial reinforced rubber/pvc/nylon hose? Lay it straight along the ground, make a full length slit after making equidistant holes for
the LEDs. The slit passes through the diameter of the holes. Make a chain of the LEDs spaced about 20% more than the space between the holes. This is to account for stretching of the hose under weight. Slip the assembly through the slit such that the LEDs are aligned with the holes. The 20% excess length of the connection between the LEDs can be accommodated inside the hollow space of the hose. Seal the slit and any gap around the LEDs with room temperature vulcanising silicone rubber paste freely available in the market.
Nylon is perhaps the strongest in tensile load especially the fibre reinforced versions.
Thank you very much for your help! I really appreciate that! I will try reinforced hose like you said.

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