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Xunjie • Jun 13, 2009

How to make my communication more precise and effective

I am from mainland-China and I have been studying in a British university for two years. Now I believe my oral English is good enough to have simple discussions with technical problems on the meeting or chat with my mates in the pub. However, I am always so frustrated about my interview conversation and public speeches.

I find it rather difficult to construct a precise answer within the shortest time and instead, I start using more and more vague words to describe my answer(which makes my explanation even worse).

It seems this is not a problem about using different language since I also make non-sense sentences in Chinese sometimes.

Could someone tell me if there's any way to improve my language or thinking skills? (I don't believe any shortcuts to improve these skills but once there's a good way to practice, I will definitely try it hard!)

Thank you very much.
durga ch
durga ch • Jun 13, 2009
hello Xunjie 😀

Firstly Welcome to CE.Secondly, you already speak good English 😀

The only thing what many people ( including me) miss is THINK before speak art.
Its needed.
First try making an attempt to think what you need to say, before start saying and then search for words.
Its tough and I myself am working on this part . Don't be in a haste to answer or say before anyone does. It's of minimum use. Instead frame your answer in mind, initially it might take time but slowly you will get used to it

Hope this helps!

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