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Nirjhar1980 • Dec 28, 2009

How to do jmeter result analysis for web load test?


This question is always on my mind on how to do the result analysis for web load test? 😕
I added a aggregrate report listener to my test plan and I get the result from it for the following variables :

# Samples - The number of samples for the URL
Average - The average time of a set of results
Median - The median is the time in the middle of a set of results.
90% Line - the maximum time taken for the fastest 90% of the samples. # The remaining samples took longer than this.
Min - The lowest time for the samples of the given URL
Max - The longest time for the samples of the given URL
Error % - Percent of requests with errors
Throughput - Throughput measured in requests per second/minute/hour
Kb/sec - The throughput measured in Kilobytes per second

But what these variables tell me? What is the right and acceptable response time? How to measure the scalability of my web site?

Please help.

Thanks in Advance,
You can also measure response time using web load test.

The actual and accpetable responce time will be given mostly by the client.
Scalability is measured in different parameters.

If you want to test the application to its max bearable load then you have to put youer application under test with that number of virtual users.

Generally, if you perform a load test you will add the users in a specific time period, like 5 users initially then 5 users for every 20 sec. (this is just an example though)
say if your test runs for 5 mins, and you have totally of 100 users, then all the users will be active on the application in a specific time period in those 5 min, so you have to measure the application responce time in that specific time.

The responce time can be gathered for different behaviours of the application , like navigating to next page, uploading a file etc.

The second part - if you want to mesure the load at which the application crashes its stress.For this case you have to keep on adding the users until the application stops responding.

Let me know if you need any more information.
glinius • May 8, 2014
I would suggest to use JMeter embedded graphs, or, even better, listeners, provided via JMeter Plugins - that would be easier to read and understand what's going on. See How to Analyze the Results of a Load Test Using BlazeMeter guide on how to interpret JMeter Load Test Results.

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