01 May 2019

How to convert cable thermal losses [Watts] into enthalpy?

Hello fellow engineers

I have a certain thermal loss from my power cables, it's about 15Watts loss, and I somehow have to convert that into a enthalpy so I can calculate how much more my cooling unit has to work.

The cable is a 4G4 powerflex copper cable. 

the ambient temperature of the room is 40 degrees celcius.

What do I do?

01 May 2019

1 kwhr = 860 kcals 

15 watts adds 13 kcals of heat in an hour. That much extra has to be removed by the cooling system.

01 May 2019

Thanks Ramani. 

Is there an formula anywhere for this you could show me? 

Best regards

01 May 2019

Nevermind 1 W is of course 1 J/s. 

Thanks a lot for the help!! 

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