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How much of current and voltage does a piezoelectric chair generate? If yes, how much of voltage will it generate if a person sits on it for around 2 hours...

Can a chair inserted with piezoelectric plates generate electricity whenever a person sits on it ? 

If yes, how much of voltage will it generate if a person sits on it for around 2 hours...

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Aug 11, 2018

Could you give us an idea of the setup you have so that it's easier to give you an estimate? 

Also, in my opinion, would it not be a function of the movement the person sitting on the chair does? I might be wrong here; but you need to provide some more information about your current setup and how it works. 

@Kaustubh is right. Only work can be converted to power. A weight at rest is not doing any work. You will generate just two pulses of power, once when you sit and once when you get up.

All the piezo generators in use are based on people movement. One CEan is actively engaged in this activity.

Yeah @Kaustubh is right. Only work can be converted to power.

But sir @Ramani how about tires inserted with piezoelectric sensors... Tires do have a continuous movement when they are driven.. N with the help of instrumentation amplifier we can amplify the voltage.. N that voltage can be used to keep the lights of the vehicle on..or to charge mobiles.. Etc.. 

But if the seats are fitted with springs and piezoelectric sensors and if those seats are placed in a bus.. Will it be possible to generate electricity? 

Because the movement of bus is not constant.. We come across speed brakes, potholes, sudden breaks and there will be continuous disturbance. 

So when a person sits on such sort of seat I think some work takes place over there 

I agree that tires are flexing all the time the vehicle moves. However they are rotating, which means that harvesting the power requires a suitable pick up like a commutator. 

There is no need to use an amplifier. Systems are available for converting the output of piezoelectric generators to charge batteries. May work best for tubeless tires.

Thanks for the response sir. 

Can I expect some help from any one of you,to suggest me a title regarding my major project?

Im interested in renewable energy. 

So any project related to renewable would help me a lot. 

Thank you sir. 

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