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Tech Ledger
Tech Ledger • Dec 20, 2018

How does IP address show our physical address?

I have a question about how ip address provides my location and how stuff shows my location. And i tried to see my ip location when i was in banglore but it showed me as chennai location. How it differs from real location?

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Dec 20, 2018

It's a simple technique - where IP addresses are matched against tables. Even on CrazyEngineers, the IP address is matched against a table that contains 'city' / 'state' information. Google does the same thing; but they seem to have more accurate information in most of the cases.

Sometimes the client (browser) gets the IP address of the service provider which results into incorrect location. That's why even if you are in Chennai, your location is guessed as Bangloare and vice versa. 

Tech Ledger
Tech Ledger • Dec 20, 2018

Thanks dude ?

Rahul Jamgade
Rahul Jamgade • Dec 20, 2018

The IP address allocation is administered by IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority).

Every ISP is provided  with IP address range  which gets more granular by the ISP of the region. Also the websites like maintain the IP address  allocation database to different countries and different ISP in those region.When we connect to the internet we are allocated IP address by our ISP like airtel etc. This ISP when provides IP address to us , they provide it from a pool of IP address allotted to them. If airtel's chennai regional office is allocated certain range than we will get IP address from that range. If we get IP address from local airtel's office of bangalore than we see that the user location is shown as bangalore. It depends on how granular the ISP is as per as region/city is concerned and also  on the database that is maintained by the location tracking websites. You will often find different IP location tracking sites provide different location for the same user, same browser and at the same time.

If you really need further understanding than you need to understand IP subnetting and CIDR fundamentals.

I hope this makes the point clear. 

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