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How can I make future in cloud computing?

what is cloud? why we need cloud computing. what is scope of cloud computing and how can impliment in cloud computing. How can i make future in cloud computing.which field is most valueable in cloud computing

Cloud computing is performing all the computing and storage over the Internet on a pool of remote servers called Cloud. Cloud computing is essential because it solves several problems like scalability, speed of operations, performance, data integrity and security, and cost of computing. 

Cloud System Admins, DevOps, Cloud Sales, Cloud Software Engineer, Cloud Security Manager, Cloud Performance Engineer are all emerging fields in cloud computing. 

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Feb 23, 2019

Nikhil, if you perform a search on Internet "What is cloud computing?" you will get lot of reading material and videos that explain the concept of cloud computing in detail. 

We do not know whether you are a student or already working in somewhere. To make a career and future in cloud computing, you will have to develop expertise in cloud technologies. Hadoop, BigData, Data Analytics, AWS, Google Cloud Computing are all the domains that you should explore for possible options. 

Do find out more information about them and ask specific questions about the technologies that you find interesting. However, before asking, it'll be nice if you could perform a search on the Internet to find the answers. All the best!

I am MCA student from Chandigarh University and Thank You

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