Shiva Subramanian
Shiva Subramanian
Branch Unspecified
08 Mar 2019

Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition Engine with Multi Fuel Injectors

Project Abstract / Summary : The aim of this project is to create a simulation of a HCCI Engine with Multi Fuel injectors using a Diesel Engine to showcase the Multi fuel capability of the HCCI engine and to showcase the combination of SI and CI Characteristics of the HCCI Engine. The simulated Engine will be running on Diesel (primary injection) and Castor Oil esterified with Turpentine Oil (Secondary injection).

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : We chose this project topic as this is an area under research and will help us to learn more about different types of engines (petrol and diesel), their components and working within a short span of time. Once this project is completed, it will help us in our future endeavors. Also, creation of a more clean and fuel efficient engine will help in a clean and green environment. In this day and age, when petrol and diesel reserves have their days numbered, another source of fuel is required. Not only that, An engine which will work on multiple fuels without major modifications will be a plus.

Project Category : Mechanical / Automobile / Aeronautical
Institute/College Name: SRM University, Ramapuram
City: Chennai
State: Tamil Nadu
Participating Team From: Final Year
Ankita Katdare

Ankita Katdare

Computer Science
3 years ago
Round II Project Entry:

2 weeks ago

Hi, i am also working on my project in HCCI engines and need some help. it would be great if you could assist me regarding my project.



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