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Sonaa • Jul 11, 2012


Just follow following steps :
  1. Create any new folder or you can use any existing folder that is to be hidden.
  2. Rename the folder to any name but with the extension of .jad like if I want to hide my images folder then I will name it as IMG.jad
  3. Now create a new folder with the same name in the same directory but with the extension of .jar So, I would create the folder with the name IMG.jar
  4. And thats it!! My orignal images folder which has been renamed with .jad gets hidden and only folder with.jar extension is visible which is empty.So,my data is protected/hidden from unwanted eyes...

gandhi vishrut
gandhi vishrut • Jul 11, 2012
but how to get it back ?
Anoop Kumar
Anoop Kumar • Jul 11, 2012
It's not working on my Nokia 1100 😲.
Would you please specify which type of phone OS you are talking about?
gandhi vishrut
gandhi vishrut • Jul 11, 2012
lol can you even make folders on 1100 and rename ?

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