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JoeCHUA • Oct 17, 2008

Help with simulating mobile communication system using Matlab

Hi all, I doing a project to develop stimulator on mobile communication system. It will be done using MatLab.
The problem now is I do not know how to start on doing the implementation, what are the factor the affect the performance of the system. 😔
Who can help to give me some idea on how to kick start the program.
durga ch
durga ch • Oct 18, 2008
hello JoeCHUA
could you be a bit more elaborate?
krishniha • Oct 18, 2008
NO IDEA!!!!!! but i'll check with that ok joe
JoeCHUA • Oct 18, 2008
Hi guys, this is the synopsis for the project :
The aim of this project is to develop a simulator for a cellular mobile radio system under the Windows operating system. Inputs to the simulator may include the cell size, structure, traffic intensity and mobile speeds. The implementation of the simulator will be based on stochastic simulation, and can be developed using Matlab or on any standard convenient software platform. The project will be judged based on user friendliness as well as on the speed of the simulator. Area Communications and Computer Nature of Project Simulation PreRequisites

I do not know what are the inputs required as I am not good in communication. I need some help on this
nourdajeh • Apr 24, 2010
hello i have been asked to do the same project ,can you help in this project i will be greatfull
and thx anyway

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