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11 Jun 2009

Help fitting a floerescent strip light

Hi guys, thought it's about time to come to the experts, basically my set up is, 3 wires coming out of the ceiling, each wire has its own blue, brown and pure copper core (no flex), i assume these are neutral, live and earth.

Also 2 of the brown wires are connected into one of those grey electrical connectors/joiners with the pins to screw the wire down in place.

Basically the old light that was there is identical but was taken down without me having the chance to look at it properly to see what goes where, so now im a bit stuck. Ive tried putting the 3 neutrals in the neutral terminal on the light and the 3 earths in the earth terminal, with the one remaining live wire in the live terminal, but the light still wont work, however the lights behind it in the series circuit (i assume it to be setup like that) now work where as before when the wires were not connected up to anything, none of those lights would turn on.

Anyone who can give me a hand here i would be truely greatful, heres a diagram i drew the best i could, there were a few more wires within the light itself running between the connectors and various components inside but i cant remember the exacts of them so left them out.

Harshad Italiya

Harshad Italiya

Electronics and Communication
12 Jun 2009
@Rifaa.. are you listening... in this query you might be helpful


Branch Unspecified
14 Jun 2009
Sorted now, thanks anyway.

For future reference if anyone needs this/comes across same job.

Mains tester screwdriver to identify switched live, then:

switched live (blue) -> live terminal on light,

remaining 2 neutrals (blue) -> neutral terminal on light,

all grounds (bare core) -> ground terminal on light,

all lives (brown) -> together, in a seperate connector away from the light.

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