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03 Nov 2006

Hello From Kartik Raman

Re: Introduce Yourself- Template (Look Here First)

Name: Karthik Raman

Engineering Trade: Electronics and Communication

: Working

Work Experience
: Larsen and Toubro EmSyS -1.5 hrs
Robert Bosch - 3 years

Hobbies & Interests
: Carnatic Classical Violinist.

Aim in life
: Happy and contended life

I joined CrazyEngineers because: To cure your craziness !!!!!

03 Nov 2006
Hey Karthik! 😁

Welcome to the CrazyEngineers world! This is something which caught my eye -

Work Experience: Larsen and Toubro EmSyS -1.5 hrs

Hobbies & Interests: Carnatic Classical Violinist.
Amazing! Now CE has a Classical Violinist, A Classical Guitarist, A drummer & 2 Rock Guitarists!

Way to go Guys!

-The Big K-


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05 Nov 2006
Ooopsy !!!

I apologize for the typo !!! I meant 1.5 years for the record !!!



Branch Unspecified
07 Nov 2006
Welcome Karthik,
A voilinist and engineer in Robert Bosch....

Enjoy the world of crazy Engineers .
Awating for your posts.

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