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Have you heard the seat sensor ?

According to a new patent application from Tesla, Tesla is currently working on a new method to classify passengers according to their weight in order to deploy safer airbags on their vehicles. Tesla's patents, titled "Car Occupant Classification Systems and Method Sensors," were released earlier this week, suggesting that the company is improving the deployment of its airbags.

Tesla explained the current problem of deploying airbags according to passengers: "During the driving process, vehicles become safer and safer by using automated systems to monitor their operation and provide appropriate alarms and assistance when needed. However, it is still difficult to detect the presence of vehicle occupants and classify them accurately into children, smaller adults or other categories, especially when classifying them. Accurate classification is essential when vehicles attempt to assist or protect their occupants with real-time safety measures.

Tesla's solution is to develop a system that detects the occupants through sensors on the seat and then classifies them according to their weight. Tesla said that the way sensors are set allows it to detect the way passengers sit on their seats, prompting the company to change the way airbags are deployed.

Tesla has always emphasized vehicle safety, and has been working on it for many years, and its vehicles have also received the highest safety rating. Recently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released the crash test results of Model 3, which is the least damaged model in the crash test of the agency.

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