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visionary • Nov 20, 2008

Greetings Earthlings! Take me to your leader!

Name: Visionary

*Engineering Trade: Marine Electronics & Telecommunications

Location: Global - Field job

*Occupation: Working for American Company Globe Wireless, Inc! 😁

Work Experience: 18 years - 11 years onboard merchant ships, 6 years with various telecom / ISP cos ashore, and a year with current employer

*Hobbies & Interests: reading, science, science fiction, music, movies, human languages, history, discussions, electronics and computers

*Aim in life: to be able to do what I really want to do

*I joined CrazyEngineers because: my immediate interest was sparked when I stumbled upon it during a Google search which trawled up wireless electricity distribution thread on this forum
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Nov 20, 2008
Welcome to CE, Visionary! 😀

We are very happy to have you with us. I hope you will enjoy CE and help us spread the word all over the ocean 😉 Take some time to browse the forums and you'll discover tons of coolest ideas on the planet.

We look forward to having you as our active CEan.

PS: *adds Pacific & Atlantic to probable destinations for CE meets*
anuragh27crony • Nov 24, 2008
Hi Visionary welcome to CE :smile:

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