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cooltwins • Jul 29, 2012

Google's Project Glass Inspired Glasses Do Real Time Language Translation

Here is a glass that can do real time translation of the words you hear. Apparently, computer programmer Will Powell took some inspiration from the Google’s Project glass and has come up with a prototype that can translate speech into one of the available 37 languages and the result of translation is available at the lower part of user’s glass.

The concept is a very simple one. The speaker must use a microphone and the speech signals are routed to a tablet or a smart phone. This helps you get a clean and noise cancelled audio feed. Then Microsoft Translator is used to identify the language and do the translation. The result of translation is displayed on the user’s glass so that he can get real-time translation of the words. Two Raspberry Pi units running Linux are used to power the subtitle interface and the pictured TV display. These “credit card sized, single-board computers” are available for US$35 each.


The end product is effective in translations but not fast enough for use in real-time applications. (See the video at the end). The delay has been attributed to the time the server takes to process information. Though it looks effective in performing the translations, it might just not be a practical solution as the “augmented reality Vuzix Star 1200 glasses” used by Powell cost US$4,999. Also, a headset or another pair of glasses may be required in order to build audio quality.

Via: Gizmag

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