Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare
Computer Science

Google Street View sensor fusion with Ceres Solver

This video shows three examples of Ceres Solver fusing Street View sensor data to produce accurate absolute position. The blue line is the absolute position of the car across time. At the start of the optimization, the position is inaccurate. Each frame is an iteration of Ceres Solver, showing the increased position quality.

Ceres Solver is a portable C++ library that allows for modeling and solving large complex nonlinear least squares problems. The notable features are:
• A simple, expressive API
• Automatic differentiation
• Robust loss functions
• Local parameterizations
• A threaded Jacobian evaluators and linear solvers
• Dense QR factorization (using Eigen) for small problems
• Sparse Cholesky factorization (using SuiteSparse) for large sparse problems
• Specialized solvers for problems in 3D computer vision
• A liberal license (New BSD)
• Scales from servers to cell phones.

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