08 Oct 2016

Google Play "Installs on active devices" - WOW!

I stumbled upon the new metrics being rolled out by Google Play team, called "Installs on active devices". This metric will show how many users who've logged on to the Internet in the past one month have your app installed. Typically the 'current installs by device' stat would include devices that were active several weeks (or months) ago.

I just hope that this will put the 'install our app' madness. Several brands would boast the install count on their websites but we had no way to know if these are active installs.

But this still doesn't tell us the entire story!

I've multiple apps installed on my phone that I use once in 2-3 months and some are just there, occupying space on my phone's memory. Perhaps, the real stat that Google should provide is about how many users have actually 'opened' your app in the past 1 month!

What say you?

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