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Google Photos now include AI powered sharing and shared libraries

Can you recall Sundar Pichai's words from his "back to college" interview in IITKGP? the CEO of Google talked about ushering an AI-powered era, where Google will contribute in developing the best human-machine interfaces and applications to serve people, based on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. Proving his words true, Google has recently unveiled "suggested sharing and shared libraries" for Photos to help you cherish and share your significant moments with your special circle.

We recently heard about the same at Google I/O 2017. This additional feature uses Machine Learning, which will automatically spot photos and suggest recipients with whom you may want to share your moments. Also, with the shared library, you can offer someone to see your photos or restrict his access to some of the photos. In short, sharing will be quicker and easier to allow.


What specifications will come with the new upgrade? As the tech giant says, the layout will have a section named the "Sharing Tab" which will be used for keeping an account of people whit whom you shared your pictures. Also, it will bear the names who shared their contents with you. On the upper base, a horizontal scrolling bar will come with curated suggestions.

Based on the app's intelligence, Photos will detect the correct pictures for a particular occasion and come with suggestions on who might want to see these pictures. The user can always accept or discard it and also share the photos via email or phone number.


You can allow someone to access your photos by simply choosing the "Share your library" option from the menu bar at the top left corner. The option is flexible enough to choose which photos you want to share or help you choose a date from which you want to share your photos.

The next your account syncs pictures with photos, the other person sharing the same album will be allowed to access these photographs. The feature is currently reveling in Android, iOS, and web. With these features in hand, Google offers you more time to cherish the best times with the best people in your world.

Source: Google

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