13 Apr 2012

Google Drive Appears On Lucidchart & Vanishes

Google's 'Google Drive' is an open secret now. It's just a matter of time before Google announces it formally. As we guessed earlier, Google could just announce their cloud storage service (read Dropbox competitor) sometime next week. But for those who aren't convinced, the eagle eyed folks at The Verge caught temporary Google Drive integration & sync that appeared on LucidChart - an online diagram & flowchart tool. Of course LucidChart has taken down the page but we've a screenshot to satisfy your visual needs -

Google Drive LucidChart Integration | Image Credit: The Verge

Important to note that LucidChart's CEO, Karl Sun is a former senior Googler. But what's more important is that the confirmation that Google's Drive is coming and it's coming very soon! It's going to integrate with your favorite services and it's no brainer that Google+ social network will also integrate with it to becomes world's favorite online drive. Is Dropbox watching?

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