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Ambarish Ganesh
Ambarish Ganesh • Oct 15, 2012

Google Doodles Winsor Zenic McCay's 'Little Nemo', Wins Hearts!

Today's new interactive Google Doodle, that gives out both the comic-book and the animation feel, celebrates the 107th anniversary of  cartoonist/animator Winsor McCay's Little Nemo in Slumberland. McCay's comic strip titled "Little Nemo in Slumberland" first appeared on the New York Herald dated 15 October, 1905, later followed by the title "In the Land of Wonderful Dreams" in the New York American. The comic strips were so much loved for the heartwarming sketches McCay drew, and today's doodle has only enhanced the colorfulness of his work, and no other kind of a tribute would have done his work similar justice .
The interactive doodle depicts the interesting story through several panels, and the importance given to every letter in 'Google' could be easily seen. One of the most interesting doodles to feature on the Google-homepage this year, it took no time in leading the major trends worldwide on Twitter.
The complete doodle:
McCay's other prominent works include Dream of the Rarebit Fiend, and the cartoon Gertie the Dinosaur.

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