20 Feb 2012

Google DART - Alternative Rapid Development Programming Language

Google's just released the DART engine on Chromium and the tech preview is now available to download. Those looking to learn and code using DART may quickly download the DARTIUM: https://www.dartlang.org/dartium/ ; Google chrome with the DART engine integrated. Please note that the browser will just be a technical preview and should not be used as a primary browser as it may have security issues.

Dartium will allow programmers to directly code and run it in the Dart Virtual Machine inside Chromium browser. Both Windows and Mac binaries have been released. Google says that the new programming language has been developed keeping the modern web requirements in mind. Google Engineers are working on DART-To-JavaScript compiler and making it faster & more efficient.

Developers & coding enthusiasts may quickly head over to the https://www.dartlang.org/ and explore the language more. Maybe someone can write short programming tutorials for DART; it'd be a great value addition 😀


Computer Science
7 years ago
Dartium for Windows (coming soon!) as on the website
7 years ago
Are there CEans who can write beginner tutorials for this new programming language? It'd be very useful.

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