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Google Calendar Automatically Helps You Find Time For Your Office Meetings

Google Calendar is one of the best calendar apps in the market. Apart from scheduling stuff, the Google Calendar app and website help you with additional tasks such as scheduling goals with the help of its Goals feature that lets you find time for your goals of self improvement. With the new update however Google makes it easier for you and your colleagues to schedule a meeting at the office. It can be stressful to set up a meeting among different team members especially if they are working in different offices or worse in different time zones. The updated Google Calendar app for Android comes to the rescue with its new Find Time feature.

Google Calendar

Once you ask the Google Calendar to “find a time” by tapping on the respective option the app takes into consideration the team members’ schedule and finds meeting times that work for everyone. It also takes into consideration difference in time zones and looks up the times the other team members have their meetings. If it finds free time on schedules of everyone it informs you which time is suitable for a meeting. The best thing about this feature is that if it does not find appropriate time for meetings it starts working on a workaround. The Google Calendar app looks for conflicting meetings and then asks you if these meetings can be rescheduled or not. Then it gives you options for rescheduling the existing meeting and making time for the new one. You have to note here that this feature only works at organisations where sharing of calendar details is permitted.

The ‘Find Time’ feature is currently exclusive to the Google Calendar Android app. Google is planning to include this feature on the next update of its iOS app and website.

Source: Gmail Blog

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