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Shahid Fazal
Shahid Fazal • Jul 30, 2012

GATE 2013 Inquiry

Hi friends,I needed some advice on Gate Prep. I passed out in 2011(CSE) . I got placement in good s/w companies,but i don't know what happened to me.....i joined a public sector bank as an IT officer instead,I left 2 good jobs for this govt. job. Seeing the kind of work here ,i think this job is not for me. There is no technical work here at all. Its been just 3.5 months since i joined here,but i think my heart & mind is tilted towards technical field only....... so I want to do MTech. I want to ask from experienced people here that should i leave this job and do full fledged GATE prep for 2013? This job is from 9 to 6 and leaves me very exhausted when i return home.( before coming here i thought that being a Govt. job ,it will be a 10-5 job.....but reality wast just different.....I found that its a 6 day week job.On the top of that ,even though my post is IT officer, I am getting to do nothing IT related. I am completely frustrated. Furthermore there is also a bond of 1 lac. And only 6 months are left from now for GATE 2013.
I know that being in this job ,i won't be able to prepare fully for GATe and and my another yaer will be wasted.
What do you suggest friends? Should i leave this dead End job? No skill/value addition here.

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