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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jan 10, 2017

Funding and Flipkart

Flipkart continues to remain the poster boy of the Indian Startup world. The Flipkart story so far has been 'movie-like' : two young entrepreneurs created a company out of their small house and then at one point it became a $15B company. But now, it looks like all the time, the company was being run not by its founders but its investors!

Tiger Global, one of the top investors in Flipkart has moved Binny Bansal from the lead role at Flipkart and has replaced him with Kalyan Krishnamurthy; a Tiger Global man. The company continues to make losses and there's no sign of the company going public. To top all of its fears, the top rival Amazon continues to pump-in more money in its Indian business and acquire more customers.

The road doesn't look smooth for Flipkart.

I've always wondered if raising funds from external investors is the right way to run a business. Yep - there are several cases where it works wonders; but then you see how things turn out for redbus, housing and others.

What's your take on Flipkart and its funding?
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