20 Feb 2008

Fun poll: Will CE cross 10k member count by March 2008 end?

Okay, CE has been growing rapidly - all through search engines and mouth to mouth publicity 😀

It took us about 26 days to grow from 7k - 8k members. At the time of posting this message, we are at 8,181.

Do you think we'll cross 10k member mark by 31[sup]st[/sup]March 2008?
28 Feb 2008
Okay, how about inviting your friends and colleagues to CE? I'm sure they will like CE.

The more we spread the word, the faster we grow. Once we achieve a good number of members, we can plan many interesting online/off line activities.

What do you say? Start telling about us your friends and to the friends of your friends 😀

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