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anki_0305 • Oct 7, 2008


freemarker is a template engine.
i want to deliver a seminar on this topic, but it is too vast and the time for delivering seminar is just about 15 minutes. So, please Big_K tell me which should points should I include in this seminar.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Oct 7, 2008
I wish I knew about Freemarker! I have no clue!

Maybe others can help.

[Moving the thread to seminar topics section]
Hi, I have recently started reading on freemarkers.
I will suggest you to include following topics in your seminar.
What is Freemarker.
Why we are using Freemarker.
Freemarker Template (.ftl file)
Type of Widgets(Templates).
Html Control to FM Widget Mapping.
Old Vs. New Style of designing page.
CSS Role for appearance of page.
Useful plugins

I hope this helps you with your seminar

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