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Debasish716 • Mar 2, 2012

Freedom from bulky inductors

"Inductors are large and bulky,and they cant be much improved regarding their size and weight!" Very true indeed!!!! But guess what we can replace an inductor and simulate its function by a capacitor! Nice na?? But oops a glitch. There arent much articles on this on the net. I found one on wiki but it had only a series of images which aimed to derive this mathematically, but after the 4th pic it went over my head!! CAN ANY1 HELP??????????
Debasish716 • Mar 2, 2012
Now i lost the thread to wiki also. SH*t. I m searching. Sorry folks
Debasish716 • Mar 3, 2012
GOOOTTT IIITTT finally! link:
can sum1 xplain???

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