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Football Fan Shirt Lets You Experience The Big Moments Of The Game Through Haptic Feedback

The best way that you can savour a football game this Euro 2016 season is not watching it on your TV but at the stadium where it is being played at, but what if we said there was another ridiculous way to immerse yourself in the game other than being at the stadium. Meet Football Fan Shirt, a tech-laced T Shirt made by Australian start-up Wearable Experiments that lets you feel the excitement of the game with a smartphone app. The T-Shirt in question contains embedded haptic technology sensors that that connects fans in real-time with action in the game through touch.

Fan Shirt

In case you were confused let us clear the air around the Football Fan Shirt. You see the Football Fan Shirt is embedded with tiny vibrators around the neck and arms. Once you pair the T-Shirt with the companion smartphone app using Bluetooth stating which Football team you support in the match, the team at Wearable Experiments are able to transmit plays from the game directly to the wearer using choreographed haptic feedback to heighten the sensation of the game.

So what plays are we talking about here? Well you see when ever your team gets actions like penalty, corners, yellow or red cards, free kicks, fouls, offsides, shots on goal, shots off goal and celebration triggered by goals you get to feel the sensation in your body. The team at Wearable Experiments have launched this product in the European continent in view of Euro 2016 but we do not yet know how much the T-Shirt costs or technical details like battery backup times.

Do you think that this is the future of witnessing football games, or not? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: Wearable Experiments via Engadget

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