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Ambarish Ganesh
Ambarish Ganesh • Jul 18, 2012

Firefox 14 Download Available - 'Secure Search' And More

Mozilla today made public the launch of Firefox 14, the latest variant of the open-source Web browser. The updated Firefox incorporates several new features, better security, and heightened support for modern Web standards. The most significant modification comes in the form of secure-search feature. The functioning of the browser’s in-built search bar was altered in a way such that it could employ an SSL-encrypted HTTPS address by default the user’s every Google search, making sure that the queries are not stopped due to packet sniffing.


Mozilla had first declared about the secure search feature earlier in May when it was unveiled on the Aurora channel. It’s by-default enabled in Firefox 14 but at present functions only with Google search. Mozilla is aiming to expand this feature with other search engine providers as well. This new functioning in Firefox is same as what Google has in Chrome. Mozilla has taken it in Firefox so as to block malicious sites from deceiving the user. Also, Firefox 14 offers support for Pointer Lock API, that would prove out to be quite useful in interactive gaming. You can download Firefox 14 from the Mozilla website. For more details, refer their official announcement.

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