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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Apr 8, 2017

Facebook Workplace Standard (free) is the latest Slack killer that's already late to the party

Facebook has announced a free version of its social network for corporates - called "Facebook Workplace Standard". The pricing page on the official website says the feature is 'coming soon', and selecting that option greys out the enterprise features of the service. Fortune reports that Facebook's Workplace free edition is Facebook's attempt at killing Slack - the current leader in enterprise chat service.

For the records, 'Workplace' isn't a new product. Facebook figured out that people would love to use their social networking service at offices and launched a corporate-only version of Facebook for companies last year. Subscribers have to pay $3 per user per month for up to 1000 active users and then the price would go down to $1 per additional user after 10,000 subscribers.

Like the enterprise users, even the 'Standard' plan users will get access to features like live video conferencing, one on one audio/video calls on desktop as well as mobile clients and mobile chat apps (both iOS and Android). The platform also supports unlimited file uploads, unlimited teams and groups along with useful features like integration with desktop notification system. The free version however cuts down on administrative controls that allow better management of community, monitoring tools, SSO, integration with Google Apps Suite. Of course, there will not be 1:1 email support for the free users.


Note that Facebook isn't the only biggie that's going after Slack. Microsoft has already declared their Slack killer in the form of Microsoft 'Teams', which is being offered to all the Office 365 customers. Google too, is reportedly converting its less popular 'Hangouts' product into a Slack competitor and is likely to offer it for free.

Slack, in the mean time, seems to have grown very well and has succeeded to some extent in killing email threads among employees of member companies. As of writing this article, not much information is available about the Standard edition of Facebook's Workplaces. We'll keep you informed about the developments on Workplaces. Till then, do share your opinion on all these competing products. Which one, do you think takes the cake?

Source: Fortune | Facebook

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