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Facebook Rolls Out Save And Share Google Chrome Extension

Technically, Facebook hits a double whammy as both its exterior and interior principles have got the latest updates from the company. While Facebook is trending on the news due to its latest news feed algorithm policy the same is available on the charts for releasing save and share chrome extensions that will be specifically used to fetch contents for individuals’ timeline. Simply speaking, it’s covering more technical section of the first news that has been already posted.

Now, this is really important to understand that Facebook is constantly updating its policy. While the culture might seem outbound, but in standard organizations the nature is quiet normal. Keeping a hawk-eye view over global changes Facebook also did and this extension will restrict users from accessing unrelated garbage data that might get cluttered without the newly launched filter system.


Until now, the Facebook had only the extension “Like” bar designed with FB logo and did not have an authentic look that people get when scanning through the contents using site and app. Now, a beta version calculated that changing the design element gained 6% more likes than usual. Also FB is in the process of updating the UI of Share, Send, Follow, Recommend and Save button which could be further associated with instant articles.

Flipping back to the page where we left, with chrome extension Facebook will incorporate read-it-later feature that will simply save your favorite story if you plan to read it some other time. If you want to use the chrome extension, then after adding the plug-in simply save an article by clicking the ticket like icon appearing on the right hand side of task bar. Once saved, you can easily access your saved content using Facebook’s Homepage or More tab Bookmarks.

Source: TechCrunch | FB

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