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Duppa • Dec 6, 2016

Electrical - Some Questions

I am a Electronics Engineer, and coming back to electrical after working for 11 years in software.
I have some questions which I would like to ask you about concepts / operations in electrical.

1) Switching Sub station -
Does this one have a transformer as its component? I think we can design a substation of this type only by using circuit breakers... Am I right?

2) How to measure phase to phase voltage for a 33 KV 22 KV OR 11 KV line, we definately cannot use a small device such as multimeter there.
Perhaps 33KV or 22KV falls under LT category.

3) Why does a 3 Phase power supply coming from Generation does not have a neutral?

4) In large commercial buildings or residential complexes - Owners build their own substation - Why do they need to do this and spend money - Can the electricity board not provide a 415 Volt/ 433 Volt 3 Phase supply for 3 phase load and a 230 V 50 Hz supply for single phase load directly?

5) In case of 3 pole/4 Pole MCB, even if there is a short circuit in one phase, does it switch off other 2 phases also ? Can we not have other 2 running and the faulty one down for maintenance?

6) Diesel Generator - This requires One or two minutes to start after power mains supply is cut, even though automatic change over system is in place, in that case How can we achieve continuous power supply without even one second of interruption? After Mains power is restored again power to home is cut for some short time before it is restored from mains. any solution to have non-interrupted power supply?

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