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Civil Jim
Civil Jim • Nov 28, 2016

Effect of cracking on Stiffness of RC Frames

Hello guys, I really need help, I'm desperate please find it in your heart to help me, basically I've been asked to use Staad Pro, I have no problem in learning how to use the software, plenty of tutorials available, I just need answers to a certain concept. Basically the question is "Effect of cracking on stiffness of RC(reinforced concrete) Frames" I initially thought I'd legit be doing an experiment like testing on actual RC but was then told its using the software staad pro, could someone please give me a detailed explanition of what I have to do so I'm ready to go once I master the tutorial on how to use the software?
Civil Jim
Civil Jim • Nov 29, 2016
Thank you very much, I'll read this very soon and comeback to you if I have any questions, once again thank you very much sir.
Civil Jim
Civil Jim • Dec 29, 2016
Will this be of use?
Hello sir, thank you very much for your input, I read it and understand the procedure however I don't know how to perform it on Staad pro, can you please, and I ask from the bottom of my heart give me some sort of guide, like a step by step on what to do, like do I make a frame first, then what etc the terminology is alien to me, I would really apperciate it. And what variables will I be using and altering on staad pro and how, thank you.

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