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Download WhatsApp Status photos and Videos into your phone

WhatsApp, the messaging service that has become a necessity in the age of smartphones shows no hints of slowing down. WhatsApp tries to integrate features that it sees on other platforms so that it users can have the best of everything. Its attempt to imitate SnapChat resulted in its Status feature. This feature was heavily debated on the internet and on CE. WhatsApp then had to bring back the old text based status and name it About but it still kept the Status feature intact because it knew it has its own admirers who use it on a daily basis.

WhatsApp Status is a brilliant yet plagiarised way of sharing memories in form of pictures, photos and GIFs that disappear within 24 hours of posting. This means that you can share stuff with everyone in your contact list but the receiver has a small little problem, the sent status disappears and can no longer be seen or retrieved. If you wish to retain a record you could always go for the screenshot weapon but what if this can be taken a step further. Now we shall share you ways in which you can easily save any WhatsApp status on your smartphone. Both the ways that we have mentioned in this thread work for Android only.

Method 1: Use any third party file explorer

This method is simple but a bit lengthy. You have to have a file explorer installed on your smartphone. For example you can use the freely available E S File Explorer which is one of the oldest and most popular file explorers for Android. One you have installed the app you need to turn on the “Show hidden files” option which can be easily found on the left hand side menu. Once you have turned it on go to “Phone Storage” because WhatsApp has this much hated characteristic of storing everything in the internal memory instead of SD card on Android. Search for the WhatsApp folder and once you open it you can see the Media folder and under this folder you will find the “.Statuses” folder where you can see all the statuses whether it’s a photo, video or a GIF. You can then copy that file to any other folder preferably microSD card and your job is done.

Method 2: Use an app

When it comes to Android there is always an app to do anything you want and this case is no exception. There are a couple of apps to save WhatsApp stories and the one that caught our attention is the Story Saver for Whatsapp which makes the process a lot easier and simpler. Install the app from the link, follow the instructions and you are done.

Here we have only found the ways to save WhatsApp Statuses on Android. If you have any way to do the same on Windows Phone and iOS let us know in this thread.

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