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Download Opera 41 With Smarter Start-up Sequence For Faster Browsing

If you have used Opera in the past you know that Opera likes to saves the last browsed tabs if you have left the default settings on. This meant that you could carry on your browsing where you left off. In the latest version i.e. 41 Opera have tweaked up this mechanism with what they call smart start-up sequence. The algorithm determines which previously-used tabs are likely most important to you depending on your browsing routine. This means the most recently used active tab will open first along with any pinned tabs and other tabs with less importance to use will load with decreased priority. This will make it seem that tabs are opened without any waiting time. The team took this claim to the extreme while testing it and let 42 tabs open from a previous start-up and found that new start-up time took 86% faster to open. They say in a normal scenario with 10 tabs open you are still likely to see an improvement of over 50%.

Opera Video Pop-Out Opera Speed

Other improvements in this version are related to battery time and saving CPU usage using hardware acceleration of video. If you are video conferencing using a WebRTC client like Google Hangouts, Opera shall choose the codec which can be hardware accelerated. This prevent unnecessary load on the CPU and saves battery life. If a hardware accelerated codec is unavailable the browser shall try to limit the pixel count when the battery saver mode is active. Opera also employs this technique in the video pop-out feature that it introduced a while ago. The video pop-out is now fully hardware accelerated and this reduces load on your CPU like before. Opera claims that CPU usage while watching videos is reduced by 30%.

The Opera 41 can be downloaded from this link. This version also includes the features that you love including native ad-blocking, free VPN and battery saver.

Source: Opera

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