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Does this sound possible and useful?

Hello all, I recently graduated and for my senior project I laid the ground work for a larger project I want to complete. For my project I used an infrared motion capture system to collect running gait data from willing participants. I used this data to create a predictive model aimed at predicting the probability that a person would suffer from a chronic running injury based on current patterns in their gait. I was able show that there are definitely predictive qualities in the gait but I need more data to make the model more accurate. What I want to do is build a wearable device that tracks gait patterns and gives real time feedback to the user when they need to correct their gait. Further, I want the device to be able to apply resistive forces for conditioning or assistive forces for gait retraining. Does this sound useful? Has anybody heard of this type of device already exsisting? Let me know your thoughts!

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