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Does driving a warm air really increase fuel consumption?

The weather is getting colder and colder. Chongqing Feilong reminds you to add clothes and keep warm. In winter, there must be warm air in the car, so will it increase fuel consumption? At present, most of the automobile heating systems are water-heated, in a more popular way, that is, the automobile heating system only uses the waste heat of the engine, so the heat emitted by the engine does not affect the fuel consumption of the car, or even that, the heating air is equivalent to connecting the internal air of the engine. The entry of gas.

However, from another point of view, winter does increase fuel consumption. Although the warm air system only conveys the waste heat of the engine, when the temperature in the car does not meet the requirements, the engine needs to do extra work to convey heat, which will naturally increase fuel consumption. The warm air system does not start the air-conditioning compressor. The heat felt in the car comes from the heat released from the work of the automobile engine. This part of the heat, even if not used, will be emitted to the outside by the cooling system. After starting the warm air system, under the action of the fan, the heat is released into the car through the air outlet of the air conditioner, which can make the car warm up. Although the rotation of the fan will consume some electricity, thus indirectly refueling the fuel consumption, but compared with the refrigeration in summer, this consumption is negligible, so the car heater is almost non-fuel-consuming.

Chongqing Feilong Jiangli suggests that the warm air should not be switched on immediately after the cold car starts, and the warm air should be switched on after the water temperature is normal. It is more appropriate to control the temperature in the car at 18-25 C. Warm air is the use of the car's internal thermal cycle, do not let the A/C lights on, that is, do not need air conditioning compressor work.

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