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Do you know what is intake manifold?

The intake manifold is one of the main performance parts of the engine, its main function is to provide a uniform and stable intake for the engine operation, to ensure the uniformity of the cylinder intake. The maximum intake of each cylinder of the engine is the premise to ensure the maximum power of the engine. Bad uniformity will lead to unstable torque output, engine vibration, increased emissions and other problems.

Reasonable design of intake manifold port structure can not only reduce intake pressure loss, increase intake, but also ensure the uniformity of each cylinder intake. Therefore, intake manifold structure design is a key technology to ensure engine power performance, economy, reliability and emission characteristics.

Through the three-dimensional CFD simulation software STAR CCN+, the flow field distribution in intake manifold is displayed from the view of view, and the structure of intake manifold is designed to reduce intake pressure loss, increase intake volume and improve intake uniformity.

Compared with the traditional design method, CAD and CFD combined design method can effectively reduce the early sample trial and test, shorten the design and development cycle, reduce the development cost, more importantly, improve the design accuracy.

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