30 Jun 2018

Do browsers download Icon Fonts (like FontAwesome) for every page-load?

I'm unable to determine whether the icon fonts like FontAwesome are downloaded to user's computer every time they visit a new website. I'm aware of 'browser cache' - but not sure if the browser must download the font again while visiting a new website. 

My best guess so far is that if the user has earlier visited any site that uses FontAwesome, they'll have the font downloaded on the browser. So, the browser need not download it again; but how can we be sure that the fonts aren't getting downloaded?

PS: I'm working on minimizing the total count of http requests made to the server (with an aim to reduce the page fetch timing). 

Abhishek Rawal

Abhishek Rawal

Electronics and Communication
08 Jul 2018

1. Trace of page loaded (fetching from cache as already downloaded by browser during my first visit)


2. Page loaded for first time.


Yep, it seems like browser is downloading fonts from your web-server (nginx 1.10.3 ?)

You can cache static files in reverse proxy server, it will decrease transmission time.

08 Jul 2018

@Abhishek‍ - Right - that's the right way to track it. However, I've seen that in come cases (on local machines) - the fonts get loaded from local cache. I'm not sure how does browser exactly decide when to download the font and when to load it from cache.

My best guess was that it should be determined with the object's `max-age` property. I'm trying to leverage the browser caching. 

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