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pradeepkumarkd • Dec 8, 2007

diode voltage marking

Some of the old circuits, near to diode indications are given as P side -ve and N side +ve even though
Battery +ve is connected to P side. what it indicates ?
balaseven • Dec 12, 2007

I think u asked about biasing of diodes.........

Meaning of ur words is reverse biasing of diodes....

I am not sure .....

anyway,read some info regarding biasing...u can get the ansewer....

Arp • Jan 30, 2011
i dont know but if it is so,, guys please answer this.. we all should know this..
i am confused with question can i have explanation for giving the answer
ece_er9 • Jan 30, 2011
may be n side is more positive than p. Both sides have positive potentials .

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