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TheHellRocker • Mar 20, 2012

Digital camera with Android as OS... will it be a hit or a miss...

I was surfing the net and came across that Samsung and few more are working towards launching a digital camera with Android as OS for it with gr8 features for tagging, commenting and sharing your clicks right from the camera itself, with the help of inbuilt modem.

All sounds gr8 but to access net, or to make the modem function, would we need a SIM, if yes then what would be difference between a basic mobile with excellent camera and an excellent camera with basic mobile features.

Because WiFi will not be available every where. and what else are the options for transferring images from your camera.

Post you views and comments on this.

Few details are available on the following links:
TheHellRocker • Mar 20, 2012
We covered the news on VoiCE:
Yes Big K, I saw the news on CE as well as other sites, the link is provided.

My question is will it be able to attract users, capture market?

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