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Ammar Aziz
Ammar Aziz • Feb 10, 2012

Difference between gas and steam power cycle

As we know that steam as well as some gases are used as working fluids during power generation cycles. But my question is that what are the main reasons that we use steam instead of gases in power generation cycles or vice versa
explain the question by keeping in mind the deviation from ideal behaviour of working fluid
akpower • Feb 11, 2012
1]Steam (superheated) has all properties of a gas with reference to heat transfer.Additionally, when condensed it is easy to handle it in liquid form.It is available in all parts of world.As pointed by you,cycling the same fluid in two forms i.e.gaseous and liquid is possible in case of water.
2] Freely available gases in nature are scarce.It is also impracticable(non-economical) to generate desired gases for heat transfer in a cycle. Moreover,leakages in the system/ cycle makes it difficult to make-up.
3]Gases used in power generation mostly are heat source.i.e.combustible gases like methane.But major heat carrier media is air a natural freely available substance.
Ammar Aziz
Ammar Aziz • Apr 2, 2012
thanks brother

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